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Wedding Party Gifts

Say "Thank You" To Those Who Matter Most

These are your best friends. They are the ones who have stood by you through thick and through thin, and now they are standing up for you at your wedding.  Say "Thank You", not only for helping you celebrate your wedding, but for being there with you for all the times in the past. Good and bad.

A gift of a single share of stock is a fantastic way to commemorate your friendship. It's personal and long-lasting, just like your relationship. Select a stock company that reminds them of the times you've shared.

Gifts for Your Groomsmen

It's easy to find a share of stock that will have personal meaning to your groomsmen.   A single share of stock is something that will be appreciated for years to come. Give a share of Harley-Davidson or International Speedway. Playboy or Victoria's Secret. Heineken or Samual Adams. Microsoft or Apple. Wendy's or McDonalds. World Wrestling or World Poker Tour. Marvel or Dreamworks. There is a stock to match every interest.

Click HERE for  Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Remember pajama parties when you played dress-up and gave eachother makeovers...long conversations over a cup of Starbucks coffee at ...late night/early morning breaksfasts at Denny's?  These are memories that will stay with you for ever.  Give your best friends a gift of stock to remember those times. Starbucks, Chico's, Revlon, Avon, Ann Taylor, Tiffany's; a single share of any of these stocks is a gift that will appreciate and be appreciated.

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FREE 1-800-FLOWERS for your Flower Girl!

We want to help make your wedding day special by giving you a FREE share of 1-800-FLOWERS for your Flower Girl. It's easy to get and there are no strings attached.  Simply CLICK HERE to complete the form to provide us with the information on who to send it to.

A personal wedding website is a great way to keep your wedding party informed.  Share plans with family and friends and photos of your wedding day.

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