Need It Now
Once your order is placed, it may take as long as 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. First we generate a Transfer Request letter which must be taken to the bank for a medallion signature guarantee.  The letter is sent to the transfer agent for the company's stock. The transfer agent performs the transfer of the share out of our name and into the new recipient's. The certificate is printed then sent to us for framing.

Though we try to keep an inventory of all the shares on our website, on rare occasions we may have to purchase the stock prior to transferring it into the new registrant's name.  In this case, we must purchase additional shares through a brokerage or a Direct Purchase Plan.  This can easily add 2 weeks to the process.

This rush charge covers the expense of printing the replica certificate and the shipping and handling to send it.  When you check out you will be charged a shipping and handling fee which will cover the fee for shipping the actual stock certificate at a later date.  In essence, we are shipping twice.