Mother's Day Gifts

She has given a lot to you over the course of your life, so you want to give her something in return. Give her one share of stock in her favorite company for a gift that will keep on giving. Each year when she receives the company's annual report or a dividend check she will be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness. 

We have over 150 stocks from which to choose when selecting the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day. For example, one share of Tiffany's stock is a very special gift. Framed in our brushed stainless frame, it really stands out. A single share of Tiffany stock tells her that you love her and that she is very special.

Be creative! You don't have to buy a traditional stock...Here are some other ideas:  Do you usually give your mother flowers for Mother's Day? Give her a share of 1-800-Flowers stock instead, for flowers that will last forever. For the fashion concious mom, give a share of  Coach or Chico's! (Chico's is the brand worn by Debbie Phelps at the olympics while she was cheering her son Michael Phelps on to victory.)Remember coming in from the cold and being given a nice hot bowl of Campbell's soup? Give your mother a single share of Campbells, for all the times she kept you warm.