Return Policy

Return Policy™ does not request the registration and transfer of your security until at least 3 days after you place your order…You may cancel your order at any time up to this point. Exclusions for cancellation are RUSH ORDERS. After the issuance of the share, the following applies.
Stock(s) may be returned for correction in the event of an error made by™ in the spelling of the registration on the certificate. Please note the corrections take approximately 6-8 weeks to fix. Note:™, INC. will provide a high quality replica at no charge to the customer while corrections are being made if requested. Other return conditions are, improper framing, and damaged frames, upon delivery. Return shipping if necessary, will be paid by™ and a replacement will be re-shipped.

We understand that mistakes happen. For spelling errors on the part of customer order entry there is a small $6 correction fee (free shipping) to fix any mistakes made with engravings and a $19 fee (free shipping) to change the registration for any stock replica received.
Because stock registration is irreversible, once the stock account has been issued the stock cannot be returned or exchanged. It is possible to receive a partial refund if the framing portion of your order is returned in good condition.
Registered stock certificates that are damaged in shipping, creased, defective or registered incorrectly due to a or Transfer Agent or™ error can be returned for correction at no cost to you. We feel this is good business practice. The only way that we can fix errors on real stock certificates is that damaged or misspelled stock needs to be returned to our facility. Call or email us to get return instructions within 7 days of delivery.

Real stock certificates that are registered incorrectly due to information you provided cannot be returned or exchanged. Note: We can help the recipient work with the transfer agent to get the correction made. Note: correction fees charged by the transfer agent may be required to make changes to registrations on real stock certificates
We will inspect and process your return and refund the amount due to your credit or debit card within 5 business days of receipt. Note that it can take your bank 3-5 business days to process.