UniqueStockGift.com is the best and longest running stock gift giving service with over 21 years of providing unique stock gifts to our valued family of customers

UniqueStockGift.com and FrameAStock.com started in 1998 when Apple and Amazon Stock were both trading for less than $5 a share and before everyone had an email address and a computer in their pocket. Originally order confirmations were mailed to your home address by the post office in a letter with a 32 cent stamp. Currently you receive your order confirmation in your email in-box within seconds after placing your order. Amazing!

We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating

We are a small family owned business located on the beautiful west coast of Florida

We make giving one share of stock a seamless and easy process.

Giving one share of stock as a gift has always been very difficult and expensive. Traditional and current stock brokers have always charged commissions to obtain stock ownership. Currently brokers pass along a $500 fee to provide a paper stock certificate. We also provide paper stock certificates when available or high-quality stock replicas for a low fee that averages only $49.

UniqueStockGift.com is not a stock broker however we are a gift company that provides a way to give the gift of stock ownership. A stock gift is more meaningful than toys or clothes that will go out of style or be thrown out and long forgotten.

We have been providing stock gifts for over 21 years (founded in 1998) and proud that some of our original customers who received a stock gift as a child are now purchasing stock gifts for their kids. It is amazing how time flies and how the world is continually changing.

For over 21 years UniqueStockGift.com has remained your #1 stock gift web site and one share stock giving resource on the web.